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The Sylvers

The Sylvers Consisted Of Nine Siblings
  • Olympia-Ann "Olan" Sylvers (b. October 13, 1951)—Vocals
  • Leon Frank Sylvers III (b. March 7, 1953)—Bass, Vocals
  • Charmaine Elaine Sylvers (b. March 9, 1954)—Vocals
  • James Jonathan Sylvers (b. June 8, 1955)—Keyboards, Vocals
  • Edmund Theodore Sylvers  (b. January 25, 1957, d. March 11, 2004)—Vocals, Percussion
  • Joseph Richard "Ricky" Sylvers (b. October 13, 1958)—Guitar, Vocals
  • Angelia Marie "Angie" Sylvers (b. April 11, 1960)—Vocals
  • Patricia Lynn "Pat" Sylvers (b. March 25, 1961)—Additional Keyboards, Vocals
  • Foster Emerson Sylvers (b. February 25, 1962)—Additional Bass, Vocals


Prior to becoming "The Sylvers", the four eldest members (Olympia, Leon, Charmaine, and James) recorded as the Little Angels.

In 1972 the sextet changed their name from the Little Angels to The Sylvers and released three albums on the MGM/Pride label, titled simply "The Sylvers," "The Sylvers 2," and "The Sylvers 3."— Released between 1972 and 1974.

The song "Fool's Paradise" was a thought-provoking song that reached 14 on the R/B charts in the autumn of 1972. The single featured Charmaine, Edmund, and Ricky as lead singers, backed by the sumptuous harmonies of Olympia, Leon, & James.

Then there was "Wish That I Could Talk To You" and during early 1973 that became the siblings' first top 10 song. The track, featuring Leon and Ricky on lead, and is considered a classic by old-school R&B fans. "Stay Away From Me" (# 33) and "Through the Love In My Heart" (# 50) followed; and album tracks such as "I'll Never Be Ashamed" and "Cry of a Dreamer" received significant airplay at R&B radio outlets.

In 1975 Foster, Angie, and Pat joined their older brothers and sisters and signed an exclusive contract with Capitol Records. Now nine members strong they topped the R/B and Billboard Hot 100 charts the two-million seller "Boogie Fever".

Those two tracks were included on the first Capitol album with Perren. It was titled "Showcase" and featured rotating lead singers on songs written by both Perren & St. Lewis, as well as Leon Sylvers. Capitol followed up “Boogie Fever” with the bubble-gum confection “Cotton Candy”.

In 1976, following the recording of their next album, "Something Special" Charmaine, one of the original Little Angels, left the group. “Something Special,” was the family’s biggest selling LP, reaching 13 on the Billboard album charts. Produced by Perren, the LP spawned another smash million-seller, "Hot Line" (#5 on Billboard Hot 100) as well as “High School Dance” (#17 on Billboard Hot 100).

As the world’s appetite for dance music waned in the early '80s, so did the Sylvers' popularity. In 1981, five members of the group (now without Edmund), recorded a new album (“Concept”) for Solar Records, with Leon producing and playing bass but not performing vocally. The first single from that effort, “Come Back Lover, Come Back” (featuring a now grown-up Foster on lead) was a minor hit, reaching 63 in Billboard. “Take It to the Top” failed to chart; but both singles appear on the Solar Records retrospective box set.
In 1984, after a three year hiatus, the siblings (now six strong, with Charmaine returning) regrouped with new management (Weisner-DeMann) and a new label ( Geffen Records). The result was an unsuccessful album entitled “Bizarre.” The disc wasn’t heavily promoted, but spawned two minor hits: “In One Love and Out the Other” (42) and “Falling For Your Love” (#6).

The Sylvers' youngest sibling, Christopher died at age 18 on June 18, 1985. He was never part of the performing family.

Following the disappointing performance of the Geffen LP, the brothers and sisters officially disbanded in 1985. They would continue to do studio work, playing and singing background vocals for artists including Janet Jackson.

Group's Death's

Edmund Theodore Sylvers (January 25, 1957 – March 11, 2004) was the lead singer of the 1970s family group The Sylvers. Born in Memphis,Tennessee.

Sylvers was 15 years old when he started singing with the family-based musical group, and was 18 when he sang lead on the group's biggest hit, "Boogie Fever" (1975).

Sylvers died of lung cancer at age 47. He was survived by 11 sons and daughters.

Studio Albums

1972 - The Sylvers - Pride
1973 - The Sylvers II
1974 - The Sylvers III - MGM
1975 - Showcase - Capitol
1976 - Something Special
1977 - New Horizons
1978 - Forever Yours - Casablanca
1979 - Disco Fever
1981 - Concept - SOLAR
1984 - Bizarre - Geffen


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